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We have satisfied customers all over the World! From recreational players to robot betting syndicates!

We are the real partner for Professional Sports Traders and Companies!

If we can fit your needs in terms of betting, it will be hard to find better deals around!

Our very strong points are: the fastest payouts, money management, open relationship with no hidden informations. Dedication and great solutions are prepared to meet your needs.

We promise to work hard to make your business grow.

If you are looking to work with us, it is mostly because you have a background in betting. We will skip all the basic conversations and go directly to the point.

We for sure can help you if you are on one of the following categories:

(if you are not, and work with betting, write to us and we will try help aswell and create such one!!)


I am new to asian handicap betting and want to open one simple account on some asian bookmaker.

We can do that and offer the best bookie to fit your needs!

I am experienced bettor and i am looking to improve my results, with better odds i will have more value and will win more.

You found the way, write us explaining bit more about where your are winning and we will show how to improve!

I own a small or medium syndicate and want one solution to have all our betting togheter with balances, statistics by league and sport.

You already checked mollybet.com? We can give you a demo account.

I own a big syndicate and need one solution to bet bigger than the current limits we have around.

You already checked mollybet.com? We can give you a demo account.

I am a big punter or big syndicate and looking for betting shops to place huge amounts on skype betting without crash the prices.

We have net of brokers based in asia who can accomodate huge sums at good prices and wihtout crash the prices (game day betting).

I own a robot betting syndicate and i am looking to make more money from it as my bookies keep taking PC from us.

You must came to asian market, where winners can win in fair way betting! You found the bridge, we will put you there now!


I want start beeing agent, i have a net of possible customers and friends, i am good with money and can control their deposits and payments and win some commissions from it.

OK, you can make the next step, your initial minimum setup to became a real agent is around 50k eur, if you wish work as Agent, you found how!

I already have customers, but I know my deals are not top in market, i am looking for better conditions.

OK, talk more about your net customers and turnover, if you are qualified we will add you as our agency net, which for sure has the best oportunities in market.

I am top agent but i know Drinbet may have some bookies I need.

You are possible right, we have many bookies and you may be missing some of them. We can negotiate accounts from all bookies listed in bookies section.

Software and betting systems:

There are many softwares around who place automatic bets at better odds always, and we work with all of them.

We have special relationship to Mollybet.com, from 2009 to nowadays, wich we recommend for all users.

We also work with

You are free to choose what you think is best!

We have programmers who can add your auto-formulas to bet with API at good prices. Consult us!

Our programmers can add your strategies to work with auto-betting. So lets supose you want automatic bet over, day and night, every live game which is 1-2 and is over 3,5 with 70 minutes and odds>1,90.

Yes, we can implement it for you! And, no this isnt a winner strategy!
You have more dificult ones? We can do too! We can make it happens!


  • I have one whitelabel and need accounts from some specific bookies only.

  • I have one whitelabel and want complete solution, with all possible bookies and accounts opened asap.

  • I want one whitelabel from asianbookie.

  • I want one whitelabel from brokerage service.

All can be done, and all have one price and conditions, we are very selective with partnerships so write to us only if you are really serious. Be sure in any case we will work the best way for you

Important Note:

Our staff are requested to explicitly commit to secrecy and confidentiality
with all the data provided to us.

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