Money moves

As we have accounts in all major asian bookmakers and software companies in the world, and also with other agency companies, our money managment between them are very strong.

If you need pay someone, move money from one bookie to another, pay some agent, we will do all we can to make it happens.

If you want open one account with us but have money with some agent and think will be hard to witdraw and deposit, we may have direct deal already and you can just ask some internal transfer! We also do it on the other way, you win with us and need send to some other agent, no problems, we also will work on it!

Licensed betting and Consultant Services

Our main partners are:

Licensed betting:

Consultant services:

Depending on your profile and needs, we will acomodate you or your business in the perfect company.

Money Transfers

We do have preference to work with bank transfers, but also work with Skrill and Neteller in specific cases. Main currencies are EUR and GBP, but we hold balances and accounts in HKD and CNY too.

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